Fostering The Divide

Since the Havok show last Monday I feel like I’ve had a well deserved rest from burning the candle at both ends. 

There were a few gigs over this weekend I’d been considering, but ended up declining. There were a few bands on the Ritual Festival bill up in Leeds I fancied seeing, but £35 for a ticket and maybe three bands I’d like to experience with a near 200 mile round trip on top turned out to be a bit unappealing. A dose of Norwegian black metal from Taake in Manchester last night was another possibility. Tonight London pop punk stalwarts Snuff play in Derby, a band I’ve seen numerous times but it’s been almost twenty years since I last saw them – never say never though. 

The brief gig hiatus could be broken on Tuesday evening when death metal heavy weights Vader and Immolation join forces on the Rise of the Empire tour and arrive in Manchester to decimate the Rebellion Club.  

The main pull for my attention on Tuesday is more for Yonkers death metal institution Immolation. I posted about the New York band when I saw them for the second time, and again in Manchester, after a twenty five year gap when they were part of the Marduk tour last year. 

In the intervening eleven months album number ten surfaced in February, and as you’d come to expect from the ever present pairing of Ross Dolan and Robert Vigna it is yet another strong album. In their thirty year career they haven’t released what you could call a bad album. 

Atonement has slowed the pace down a notch or two since its predecessor Kingdom of Conspiracy surfaced back in 2013 and makes this album that bit more accessible and easier to listen to for casual listeners to the band. It’s also good to see their classic logo has returned to the album art work after a lengthy gap using the plain font that hasn’t been seen on an record sleeve since 1996’s Here in After. 

This lyric video for Fostering the Divide is taken from the above mentioned Atonement release issued on Nuclear Blast records. 


Live Arena 2016.18

Could I be clocking up the miles next week? 

Dear diary…

Monday – Manchester, Sound Control

On what is slated to be a hot day in the UK I’ll be spending five hours or so inside the sweltering Sound Control for an evening of black metal, death metal and thrash. 

Tuesday – London, Underworld

I so want to be here on Tuesday night, not necessarily for headliners Metal Church who I get to see in July anyway, but for opening bands Distilator from Holland and Belgians Bliksem who I only caught a few minutes of when they supported Flotsam & Jetsam last year. 

Friday – Sheffield, Corporation

Friday sees my first show in Sheffield since I saw Anthrax in the same venue back in 2006. The city is only 50 miles or so away, but it’s all twisting and turning roads over the Pennines. Headlining tonight are reactivated Yorkshire thrashers Amnesia who I never saw first time around. Time to dig out their sole album Unknown Identity from 1991. 

Saturday – Hull, O’Reilys

For £6 I couldn’t not buy a ticket to see Re-Animator in a home town show. The band are headlining Hail The Riff all dayer with bands from a more doom and sludge background. Possibly my first gig in Hull too. 

Sunday – Northampton, Roadmenders

A bit undecided on day two of this weekend festival. The last three bands on the second stage are Freebase, Warwound and Knuckledust – all bands I consider to be friends, so it’ll be good catching up with some familiar faces. A near two hour drive home though not so welcoming. 


World Agony

Completing the sextet of death metal bands that played the Queens Hall in Burslem back in 1991 was New York death metal forefathers Immolation. So from the six who played only Pestilence have evaded me once I’ve seen these guys as direct support to Marduk on Monday.

Formed back in Yonkers in 1986 originally as Rigor Mortis, Immolation released their Dawn Of Possession debut five years later on Roadrunner Records when that particular label was THE label for quality death metal at the time. That was the only release on Roadrunner before they dispensed with all of the death metal bands when grunge became the new in thing.

Ross Dolan and Robert Vigna have churned out old school death metal for twenty eight unbroken years. Originally their lyrics were pretty much anti religious, but as times have moved on and members have matured the lyrical content in now much more of a social outlook and political views, especially after the events in New York City after 9/11.

Since the mid 90’s they’ve been pretty regular visitors to the British Isles and have been seen playing with Napalm Death, Krisiun and Cradle of Filth. This time they were over to play London’s Incineration Festival with regional shows later added on, so that saved me some time and money this weekend.

We’re delving back into the mists of time for World Agony. Shadows in the Light is the bands seventh album and hit the record shops in 2007.