I Will Be Heard

Yesterday morning Hatebreed were announced to appear on the Impericon Festival tour in May next year. Minutes later my ticket for Manchester was booked!!

I received a copy of the band’s EP Under The Knife from Grapes Of Wrath / Core Tex when I did a printed fanzine. When I heard Satisfaction Is The Death Of Desire (released by Victory Records in 1997) Before Dishonour became my favourite track – and probably still is. I’m pretty sure that track was also on a compilation CD for a fanzine, but for the life of me I can’t think which one.

The first time I should have seen the band live was a few months before that album was released. August 1997 – I did the first few shows with Stampin’ Ground who were supporting Despair (fronted by Scott Vogel now of Terror) on their European tour. The last show I did was the Ultimate Hardcore Festival held at the Zaal Niewenborgh venue in Dilsen, Belgium. Morning Again, Congress, Culture, Kickback, Backfire!, about a dozen bands in all. For some reason Hatebreed didn’t play. This was well before iPhones and wifi, so to this day I still don’t know why they didn’t. I had the poster on my wall at home for years before we redecorated last year and never got around to rehanging it yet.

I finally got to see them in Sheffield alongside Biohazard, Agnostic Front, Stampin’ Ground and others two days after my birthday in 2002. In the 15 or so shows since Jamey Jasta has never disappointed. They’ve even played in Stoke twice.

To date my highlight seeing them live was their first appearance at Bloodstock 2012. More than anything it was good to see the band turn so many keyboard warriors and metal elitists into partial fans – at the very least. They were on fine form that Saturday afternoon. I’ve been to every edition of the festival – indoor and outdoor – and that slot is firmly in my top 10 sets over the years.

Roll on May 2016!