Dying Divinity


Off down the M6 and M5 to Bristol on Friday, straight after work to catch up with the third and final date on Morgoth’s UK tour. Five bands is going to be pretty gruelling, but I’ll have chance to check out four bands live for the first time.

Main support on this tour is guitarist and vocalist John McEntee’s death metal mob Incantation. Formed in New York State in 1989 McEntee, the only constant in Incantation, has been churning out his down tuned death metal with multiple line ups at pretty regular intervals over the intervening 27 years.

I first came across Incantation back in 1992 when I got their Deliverance of Horrific Prophecies 7″ released by Relapse Records. I’m pretty sure I’ve still got it in a big plastic box with dozens and dozens, if not hundreds, of 7″ round slithers of vinyl. I need to find time to go through that box and catalogue them in Discogs just for the sake of curiosity more than anything. Checking out this release on there though, currently six copies of this particular release are for sale ranging from £24 to £35. I’m pretty sure I’ve got the previous 7″, Entrantment of Evil too.

I’m pretty sure the only one of their eleven albums I’ve listened to is 1992’s debut Onward to Golgotha, and as documented several times in this blog already I drifted away from death metal around that time in my life. Put your money on a Spotify binge before Friday.

Dying Divinity is taken from the bands 2004 release Decimate Christendom.


Live Arena 2016.15

Last weeks gigs were a bit hit and miss in the end, mainly due to my reluctance to getting out of bed in time!! A bit of a quiet week until the weekend hits. 

Thursday – Manchester, Club Academy

If I’m here on Thursday then you know I’ll be the evenings designated driver. An evening of Finnish folk metal delivered by joint headliners Korpiklaani and Moonsorrow. 

Friday – Bristol, Bierkeller

Who’s ridiculous idea was it to drive 133 miles south on a Friday afternoon in search of death metal? Mine probably. As it stands, at 2am Sunday morning it will take 2 hours and 12 minutes to drive there. I wonder what that will increase to at 4pm Friday? My first gig in Bristol since 1997. 

Saturday – Manchester, Victoria Warehouse

A late addition to the diary. Originally it was scheduled to be held at the same place where Hammerfest is sited at Pwllheli, but recently got moved to Manchester. I only know Rocket From The Crypt from the Saturday line up, so a 50 minute drive is preferable over 150 minutes.