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Hopefully tonight I’m hoping to go and see Scottish rockers The Almighty in Manchester (failing that next Saturday in Nottingham!)

If / when I get to see them it will be the first time that I have seen them since November 27th 1993 ( a Saturday to be exact!). They headlined at the Victoria Hall, Hanley. Supported by Irish band Kerbdog and The Wildhearts. From what I remember of it, it was a good night! So why can I remember it so exact? November 28th is my birthday and I spent most of it in A&E having my leg put into plaster!

Like I said, what I can remember seemed a good night! A half bottle of rum and too many beers later we all thought it would be “fun” to kick a garage door. We did, I fell over! When the alcohol wore off the pain kicked in and my ankle was the some what bigger than it should have been!! And as I said I spent the morning of my 20th birthday getting plastered!!! And people wonder why I stopped drinking for so long!

This track was taken from the band excellent “Soul Destruction” album. Classic tracks such as “Crucify”, “Praying To The Red Light”, “Devil’s Toy” and “Love Religion”.

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January 19th 2008


Looking back through the archives I came across this post regarding The Almighty.

I was going to post this last November as, for a long time, I’ve assumed that the show did take place around November 27th 1993. After further investigation it wasn’t! The gig actually took place on October 20th. I know I was in A&E around my birthday as I distinctly remember a nurse commenting about the significance of the date. The only thing I can think of is that may have been when I went to have the cast taken off.  The more I sit here though the more I’m starting to doubt myself.  The ticket states a Wednesday evening.  I have it in my mind that it was a Saturday as I was 100% not working the day afterwards and I made arrangements to stay at a friends house and we caught the bus to the venue.  So I’m wondering now if it was rescheduled for November? I had a ticket to see Sepultura and Paradise Lost in Liverpool that I know I didn’t attend as I was in plaster, but that was early December.  Not to worry though. The Almighty were a fantastic band and it gives me an excuse to post a track by the Celtic rockers.

I never did get to either of the two shows mentioned, and they’ve not played any shows since 2008.

This video was recorded from their set for a television broadcast when they opened up the 1992 Monsters of Rock Festival, headlined that year by  Iron Maiden when they recoded their  Live at Donington album.


Stop The Cavalry


The Christmas song that actually wasn’t released as a Christmas song! For years my mum always said that when she heard this song on the radio then she knew it was getting close to Christmas.

The song reached number 1 in the French charts during the summer of 1981!  In the UK it was released during November and the song features the line “I wish I was at home, for Christmas” and has been a Yuletide hit since!

This song has been Lewie’s one and only hit – kept of the top slot in the UK by two reissues of John Lennon singles released after his death. He was also part of the Stiff Records roster, a label I have always associated with a more punk and new wave labels. He would have rubbed shoulders with the likes of Madness, Nick Lowe, The Pogues, Kirsty MacColl, Motorhead, The Plasmatics, The Adverts, Ian Dury and the Blockheads and The Damned!

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December 11th 2008

Hello World  I’m back!

Trying hard to get into the festive mood, but working in retail doesn’t help, neither do the near tropical temperatures we are experiencing at the moment.  Looking out of the window and it’s blue skies and 9C, so listening to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra sing about Ghosts of Christmas Eve and doing their version of O Come All Ye Faithful just feels wrong!



Queensrÿche are one of my all time favourite bands and “Operation: Mindcrime” and “Empire” are two of my favourite albums EVER!

So why wait till track 93 to post them? Well their official videos were on You Tube just before we started this, then all of a sudden they vanished. Once in a while I check it again for the band and today I found this – so make the most of it before it gets taken away again! And I’ve found more, so expect a Queensrÿche fest soon!!!!!

Just crank up the volume and enjoy!

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I thought with all this time on my hands I’ll have a look through the ol’ Jukebox20 and see if we posted anything on this day, and indeed we did.


Queensrÿche are still up there as a personal favourite of mine.  They’ve gone through a slight change in recent years – original vocalist Geoff Tate has left the band and gone on to form Operation: Mindcrime after releasing an album under the Queensrÿche name (Frequency Unknown).  In his place for the last three years has been ex Crimson Glory frontman Todd La Torre.  At times he hasn’t been too popular a guy with some ‘Rÿche fans, but having seen him perform live a few times Queensrÿche 2015 sounds more like Queensrÿche than they have done for a long time.  Latest record Condition Hüman is a fantastic release a welcome return to form.


Empire was the original video posted and so it shall still be the one on offer here again, but there wont be too long to wait until Seattle’s finest sons return.


Desert Rose

Long ago I was at my parents and my dad was (very badly) singing this while he had the cd playing. Dad and me share some taste in music (I got the taste for Tears for Fears off him) and anyway, I fell in love with this song. While I got some things off my dad, I don’t think I have a rush to go out and read Louis L’Amour just yet, so admitting to Desert Rose, I think I’m safe.

Originally posted on Jukebox20 July 29th 2007.

The wife and I originally did something like this way back in 2007 on Live Journal. Every once in a while when I do a search for something I occasionally Jukebox20 links pop up.

This morning I’ve had a scroll through, I never realised it was going for so long – nearly 18 months and over 200 posts!  My first post was by Metallica – who I haven’t got around to doing yet! and Snowy’s was the very first post on the site and it was a B-52’s song.

I think now I’ve found it again, and surprisingly all the write ups are still there I think I might revisit it every now and again, like some kind of flashback Thursday but maybe on a Sunday – I just need a catchy tag!

Anyway, Snowy, this one’s for you.  I know it means a lot to you. xxx