R.I.P. Dickie Hammond

R.I.P. Dickie Hammond

30th October 2015

Guitarist for HDQ, Doctor Bison, Stokoe and the Angelic Upstarts amongst others. But probably going to be know better for his stint in the originally short lived – but highly influential punk rock band Leatherface.

Leatherface formed in Sunderland in 1988, released a load of songs and split in 1993. They later returned in 1998 and recorded a load more songs until 2012.

They are like the Pogues of British punk rock as you can’t fail to recognise the band from Frankie Stubbs’ rasping and gravelly vocal delivery.

You might not have heard of Leatherface, but if you were a fan of Sons of Anarchy until the end then this Elvis Presley song was featured in the final episode.