Liberty Song

I can’t begin to guess when the last time I purposely went and listened to anything by Levellers was, so it’s nice when the shuffle function throws up things like this slice of folk rock.

The early 90’s during work hours was probably the time I listened to the radio most and at college was where I began to listen to a more varied selection of music. Through radio and college I starred appreciating bands like The Doors, Led Zeppelin, REM, U2 and these Brighton folk punks.

I joined a mail order record club at this time too (Britannia?). One of those things where the first delivery the five CD’s cost something like 50p then you had to buy a certain amount of discs over a 12 month period. I recall being ultimately disappointed at the lack of rock and metal on offer every four weeks. Freaky how I can remember that first package included Achtung Baby, Automatic for the People, The Best of the Doors and the CD that this track can be found on – Levelling the Land. Just don’t ask me what my phone number is!

I know I’ve seen the band at least once, back in 1996 at the Victoria Hall. They’re a band I wouldn’t mind seeing one more time but I’d have to do some back catalogue listening as I only have the first three albums.