Hard Rock Hallelujah

Well it’s that time of year again.  Another Saturday evening where us on this little island think the rest of Europe is out to get us, but then again we do put forward some truly awful songs.  Yes, it’s Eurovision time!  For the most part the musical aspect to the competition doesn’t appeal to me, but you just have to watch in disbelief when ex-Eastern Block states and the Nordics all keep the voting between themselves, regardless of how good or bad their particular entries are.

We once used to be good at this competition, but when the gigantic USSR was dismantled we don’t appear to have done as well, strange that.

Last time we won the thing was way back in 2007 when Katrina and the Waves won with Love Shine A Light.  This only sticks in my memory as I was in Belgium with Stampin’ Ground over that particular weekend and we were staying with Ed, the owner of Goodlife Records, who informed us that our country had won.  We probably didn’t even realise it was happening anyway, so it was all news to us.

For a metal head the best entry and indeed best winner of the competition has to be Finland’s 2006 entry in the shape of the latex mask wearing metal band Lordi, who won with an impressive 292 points with their ditty Hard Rock Hallelujah.  They remain the only “hard rock” act to win the event.  I’d hazard a guess that a lot of the votes came from people from the metal sub culture who ‘s vote was more a protest than anything else.

Lordi have been around since 1992, but their win in Eurovision undoubtedly propelled their career to a much higher plain than they could have imagined. I know they would never entertain the idea of entering, but it would be interesting to see established bands like Iron Maiden or Rammstein representing their countries to see if the metal protest vote worked again.

Norwegian band Keep Of Kalessin auditioned in 2010, but they never made it through to represent their country. In 2000 Nightwish even tried out for it with their track Sleepwalker  They did come first in their televote try out, but the decision was overruled by a jury vote.  All complicated stuff!