I Am The Antidote 

Thursday night sees me venturing down the M6 to Birmingham to catch the first night of Exodus’ 2016 European tour. Seventeen dates within the British Isles and I’ve got my eye on attending five of them! I’d be surprised if I do, but stranger things have happened.

Most of the shows have a local band opening up proceedings, but main support comes from Jyväskylä thrashers Lost Society. Their addition to the touring party is reason enough to endure the hell that will be the M6 during rush hour, if any encouragement was needed with Exodus in attendance.

These young Finns are part of a fantastic crop of young up and coming thrash bands from the European continent. Their on stage enthusiasm is infectious through out the venue. They only formed in 2010 and with their latest album Braindead hitting the racks a few weeks ago they’ve now released three full lengths in just four years, just like bands used to do!

I saw their debut British show at the Camden Underworld back in January 2014 when they were part of the Conquering Europe tour headlined by Greeks Suicidal Angels with country men Exarsis and Fueled By Fire from California. I had to catch a train before the headline act came on but Lost Society and Exarsis were the draw on that night.

Less than two weeks later I caught the tour again in Munich when these four bands combined for a mini festival and joined up with the Sepultura tour for one night. It was great seeing Lost Society again, but that day belonged to Flotsam & Jetsam – my first time seeing them, which is why I went to Germany.

The third, and currently final time I saw them, was in Manchester and again in 2014 supporting Germany’s Destruction. Let’s hope frontman Samy doesn’t break too many guitars from thrashing too hard like he did that day.

I Am The Antidote is taken from the aforementioned Braindead album. Considering the short time span between releases they’ve shown a great deal of maturity between debut release Fast Loud Death and their most recent.

Roll on Thursday.


Live Arena 2016.8

This week I’m supposed to be off work for eight days, but I’m already working two of those days. Towards the end of the week I’ve got a few nights entertainment. 

Thursday – Birmingham, Asylum

Bay Arean thrash legends Exodus kick off their European tour with young Finnish upstarts Lost Society in Birmingham. Thursday is the first of 17 dates here covering England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. It’s their longest tour here I’ve ever known them to do. 


Saturday & Sunday – Tilburg, 013

A bit of a hastily arranged trip to the Netherlands for the DeathFest. I looked into this late last year when the line up was announced, but I juggled with the idea  about attending it. Freinds are already heading over so I belatedly arranged to do two of the festivals three days.