R.I.P. Brett Hoffmann

This has been the first tribute post for some time, even though we seem to have lost quite a lot of the musicians that I listen to over the last year or so. Ralph Santolla once of Deicide, Obituary and Toxik, Stéphane Guégan (ex Agressor drummer), Mezzrow’s Staffan Karlsson, Nevermore duo Warrel Dane and Tim Calvert, Celtic Frost’s co-creator Martin E. Ain and Pantera’s Vinnie Paul.

It started getting a bit worrying as most of those passing were of a similar age to me, or only a handful of years older than I. It brings your own mortality into a bit of focus compared to the teenage me.

I was on the train to yesterday’s Lich King gig when the news of Brett’s passing started coming through on social media posts. He died due to colon cancer at the age of 51.

The Floridian death metal band originally formed in Buffalo, NY but relocated to the death metal mecca of Florida a year after forming in 1987. Hoffmann was one of the original members, but over the bands three decade career he was in and out of the band on numerous occasions with his latest tenure ending in 2016, a year after their most recent album Dead Man’s Path.

Due to them being on the Roadrunner roster when I was doing a fanzine in the early 90’s their first three albums were sent to me as promos. The next nine albums were a bit hit and miss with me, some I invested in some I still have never listened to.

I got to see the band on a trio of occasions over the years. They played Stoke (well Burslem) with Cancer and Pestilence in 1991, then it was a 21 year wait until they played MOHO in Manchester twice within 5 months. There was one other occasion where I should have seen them but for a reason I can’t recall (possibly illness) they didn’t play their Birmingham Foundry show in 1998 (I think), when they were on tour with Krabathor from the Czech Republic.

Slaughterhouse is taken from the bands eleventh album Invidious Dominion releases in 2010.