Tears Of Tragedy


I’m just watching this video out of curiosity more than anything at the moment. With a slice of luck I’m hoping to see this band tomorrow evening when they warm up the crowd for Annihilator in Manchester, but I have a few things to do after work that could impact on my attendance to the show. 

Until Mason were announced as tour support for the Ottawa thrashers I wasn’t aware of the band, let alone heard anything by them. Due to sheer laziness, or incompetence, I’ve left it with less than 24 hours before they hit the stage to even listen to them. 

The Annihilator tour is the second leg in Europe covering mainly cities that they omitted last year. Twelve months ago I caught the tour in Birmingham with fellow Australian thrashers Harlott and much like Mason I’d never heard anything by them until they were announced. This year Manchester is one of a trio of English shows, with only London being a repeat city. 

Besides knowing that Mason are a thrash band from Melbourne I knew nothing else about them without doing some research. They released their debut album Warhead in 2013 and a pair of EP’s either side of that. In March 2015 they split up, but soon regrouped two months later. 

Tears Of Tragedy will be featured on the bands sophomore album Impervious that will be released sometime in 2017, and judging by this four minute rip snorter it will be worth getting hold of it. 

Australia seems to be unleashing some cracking thrash metal bands upon the world lately who are finally coming out from the shadows of Mortal Sin. It’s also nice to see some of the bands reaching the European landmass. Harlott were out last year with Annihilator, Desecrator are currently ripping up stages in Europe with Venom, Inc then straight onto the Overkill tour (it’s just a shame they’ve not reached British shores) and obviously King Parrot opening up the Battle of the Bays shindig. The one I’m now waiting for to get a chance to traverse The continent is In Malice’s Wake, if you like the modern sound of Testament then you’ll lap up that lot.