Heavy Metal Month Listening Challenge 28/31

Day 28 – Favourite Megadeth song. 

Megadeth – Wake Up Dead

Another one where I could change my mind every time I ask myself the question. Peace Sells? Mary Jane? Hangar 18? In My Darkest Hour? 

It’s yet another example of how few lyrics there seemed to be in metal songs back in the day and the bands let their musicianship do the talking. 


R.I.P. Nick Menza

So 2016 continues to keep the grim reaper busy. I’ve been out for most of the day, but before I left there was speculation that ex Megadeth drummer Nick Menza had passed away.

Unfortunately these weren’t spurious rumours, and sadly Nick had passed away due to heart failure whilst on stage with his current band OHM who were performing at The Baked Potato in California. Scarily he was only 51, just nine years older than I am now.

Menza was part of the Megadeth family for a decade and played on four albums with Dave Mustaine. This period between 1988 and 1998 is probably the bands most commercially successful era in their career. He was unceremoniously dumped from the drum stool when he had to step away from the band due to having to have a benign tumour in his knee removed mid tour. When the band came to record Risk his touring replacement Jimmy DeGrasso was retained. He was invited back in 2004, but this reunion was over within a day when Mustaine said he want physically prepared for a full US tour.

Nick would have been the drummer when I first saw the band at Birmingham’s NEC in 1991.
Sweating Bullets is taken from the bands 1992 album Countdown to Extinction.

Hangar 18

Megadeth. One of the “Big 4” of thrash metal. As everyone should know, Megadeth formed after vocalist and guitarist Dave Mustaine was fired from Metallica shortly before Kill ‘Em All was released.

Thanks to his firing I now get to enjoy an extra classic thrash band that might not have existed if Mustaine hadn’t been fired!

I’ve never connected with the debut album Killing Is My Business… But the five after that, and yes I’m including Youthanasia in that too, are stone cold classics. Since then things seem to go a bit awry. On the whole pretty decent albums but just not good Megadeth albums. If some of them were labelled as a different band all fine and well, but when you are comparing it to Peace Sells… then not so good.

New album Dystopia surfaces in early 2016, so hopefully they’re back on to some kind of track after the hugely disappointing Super Collider.

I have much to reminisce about with Megadeth, so I’ll leave it here before it turns into a long fanboy ramble.

Such a hard task to pick one random Megadeth song to go with this, so have Hangar 18. Taken from 1990’s Rust In Peace – their Oxidation of the Nations tour was my first foray into the band live. The cover to this single and the album it calls home is another gem by artist Ed Repka. You will see quite a selection of his art work in the coming months.

The Live Arena 3

Next week is a four day week at work then I “should” be off for 10 whole days, but things never seem to work out that way with the people I work for! Also, I hope I’m clear of this niggly cold and sore throat.

Thursday – Manchester Apollo.

Megadeth roll into town on their Dystopia tour. Quite a package has been put together for the UK leg. Lamb of God drummer Chris Adler will be pulling double duty and Children of Bodom from Finland and the UK’s own Sylosis will all be treading the boards.

Friday & Saturday – Haven Holiday Camp, Pwllheli.

Two long days of metal and free flowing alcohol is looming. Forty odd bands over three days, but I’m only there for two. From 80’s New Wave of British Heavy Metal to Los Angeles sleaze via German power metal and some of the UK’s best up and coming rock bands, there is quite a choice for your viewing pleasure.