Well I have to say Morgoth were mightily impressive last night and justified the time, effort and expense to fulfil my quarter of a century wait to finally see them live. It was just a crying shame so few people turned up to hand over £12 to see five bands on a Friday evening. There were at least two of us there who’d traveled over 120 miles to catch tonight’s show.

Five or six band bills seem to be the norm in this day and age, but sticking that number of bands on in a little more than four hours can always seem like a drag. Just as you are getting into a new band and they themselves have found their feet with the onstage sound, their set comes to a grinding halt and another band is thrown on. I’d much rather see a two or three band bill with longer sets than an early band having a slight delay and finish late then everyone who follows suffers and ultimately it’s the headliner who loses out as its them who have to finish on time

You know when you arrange things well in advance and it seems like a good idea at the time? Well yesterday was one of those days and then some.

Alarm calls for work around 4am – check. Nine hours at work – check. Traversing the M6 and M5 southbound on a Friday afternoon wasn’t quite as bad as feared. Being awake for nearly 16 hours before the first band played a note was the start of the problem last night.

After finding a pre gig fuelling station in the form of a KFC I was OK, but as soon as my mind stopped I started nodding – as my gran used to say. First time I have ever had my car key confiscated by a friend in 28 years of gig going. It was definitely for the best. Thanks to the wonderful technology in the palm of your hand in 2016 we managed to get a hotel at the last minute for a reasonable £60.

I didn’t get too much sleep – too many aches and pains at the moment in this ageing body, which I am trying my best to ignore. And as I’m used to being awake at 5am I’m starting this unexpectedly in a Bristol hotel room, which wasn’t in the original plan.

It could have turned out much differently as I’d been trying to get the day off work, but one of my work colleagues is currently throwing his toys out of the proverbial pram at work and was adamant he was having Saturday off on lieu of overtime. Once he knew yesterday he wasn’t being paid for said day off he declined to not take the day and I was informed mid journey yesterday I could now have the days holiday, otherwise it would have been a perilous drive home at 1am that I was psyching myself up for. If I’d have known earlier I could of booked a few seats and let the train take the strain.

Just to tag a music video into the blog here’s a song from Italians Methedras, who were one of the five bands gracing the Bierkeller stage last night. I’d seen the band last year supporting Overkill in Zwolle so I knew what to expect. The other four with me were a bit on the sceptical side and were prepared to get to the venue late. After I stood my ground we were all inside in good time to see all five bands and these Milanese thrashers picked up a few new fans. As with the nights headliners Morgoth, their name is taken from the world of J.R.R. Tolkien.