Kiss Your Boots


Making a return to a UK stage for the first time in sixteen years are Swedish industrial metallers – and one hit wonders – Misery Loves Co. 

Any metal head of a certain vintage I am sure will have heard the S&M influenced Kiss Your Boots. The song appeared to be everywhere at the time. The memories of yesterday are a bit faded now, but it felt like the track was on every magazine cover mounted compilation CD available and glowing spreads in the UK metal press. Surprising though their three albums completely passed me by, I’m pretty sure I’ve never owned a copy of the eponymous debut – but listening back to it on Spotify I’m a bit disappointed I’ve been without it for 21 years. 

I had the one hit wonder part in the first paragraph in my head for a few days regarding this post. After further listening they should have been more popular. 

Originally a duo formed in Uppsala, they padded out the band to a quartet for the stage. They found a home with extreme metal label Earache who at that time seemed to be trying to seriously up their BPM quota with some of their signings. I’m surprised I missed the noise-mongers originally as I was well into bands like Pitchshifter, GGFH, Ministry and Swamp Terrorists – all bands that managed to mix metal riffage with varying degrees of electronic samples and repetitive rhythmic loops. 

I was quite looking forward to seeing them hit the main stage directly before Stuck Mojo on Friday afternoon on the strength of this track alone, now I’m hoping they can replicate the sound of an album that is approaching a quarter of a century in age from the stage. 

I think I’ve seen them a bunch of times, but the only one I can verify is their appearance at the Sugarmill here in Stoke in 2000 and again I only went on the strength of one song and it was in my back yard. 

Just a quick warning….

If you can get the link on YouTube age verified then it is very sadomasochistic and may offend those with a prudish disposition.