Finding someone to represent Portugal for the football was a lot harder than I thought it’d be. I nearly had to use Extreme due to Nuno Bettencourt being born there! I was that close. Then all of a sudden this gothic metal band came to me.

Representing A Seleção is Moonspell from Lisbon. The first time I saw them they were opening up for Morbid Angel and Immortal in Wolverhampton back in 1995. I think my brain just blanked the band from my memory when I was thinking of Portuguese bands as from what I can remember I really didn’t like them. Then again I don’t think Immortal were all that better.

They were at Bloodstock again in 2009, but again my memory banks are blank about them on that day too! They must be doing something right as they would be long assigned to the recycle bin years ago if they weren’t. Next year marks their silver anniversary. I’m off work in a week and I have a flight to Amsterdam, so I’ll get some recommendations of a good album and I’ll will genuinely give them another chance.

I’ve only been to Portugal once and that was a family holiday some time in the late 80’s. We went to a place on the Algarve called Monte Gordo. The only things I can remember from the holiday is a day trip over the border to Spain, and everywhere was closed when we got there. I also brought a white trucker cap with the Helloween pumpkin logo on. It seemed like I didn’t take it off for the duration of the holiday. So much so, on the plane home when I wasn’t wearing it I thought it was and remember trying to adjust it.

I’ve never heard this song so I have no idea if  it’s any good, but it’s top of the pile on a YouTube search so it has to be good, right? Extinct is apparently taken from the album of the same name released last year.