Sold Baptism


Over a three week period in September and October of 1991 the Queen’s Hall in Burslem, a town less than 4 miles away from where I now live, and more infamous for being the home to Port Vale football club and Robbie Williams, attempted to bring extreme music to the Six Towns.

Malevolent Creation from Florida, Cancer hailing from exotic Telford and Dutch band Pestilence were the bands on the second evening. The first line up consisted of United States death metal acts Immolation and Massacre along with Morgoth from Germany. Weeks beforehand Los Angeles glam band Love/Hate packed out the venue, apparently the Potteries wasn’t ready for regular death metal shows and the attendances weren’t great. Yet more shows I missed thanks to not owning a car.

Over the years I got to see Cancer several times (they supported Deicide on an early UK tour when we had to be ushered out of the venue for a bomb scare, but that’s another story).  I’ve seen Malevolent Creation a whole bunch of times. Massacre were struck off the list in 2014, shortly before the band imploded and called it quits again. Pestilence have split again for a second time and I doubt I’ll get chance to see them gracing a stage.

So that leaves just two of the six, and by early May they too will be struck off the imaginary list. Immolation support Marduk in Manchester next month and tomorrow night the Germans will be closing the show in Bristol which is the penultimate date of their Ungod European tour.

It’s been a long time since they left Meschede for our island, coincidentally that Burslem show was their penultimate show over here before this current tour rolled into three British cities.

The foundations of the band have been there since 1985 when they went under the names Cadaverous Smell and later Minas Morgul, before Harald Busse joined and they changed to Morgoth and it’s been that way ever since. The name was taken from a character from J.R.R. Tolkien’s middle earth series. I could actually do a whole run of bands with their monikers taken from those books.  After briefly dabbling with an industrial sound they disbanded in 1998 for a dozen years before they returned for a festival appearance in 2010. Their first album of new material, Ungod, surfaced last year.

This track is taken from 1991’s Cursed album.


Live Arena 2016.15

Last weeks gigs were a bit hit and miss in the end, mainly due to my reluctance to getting out of bed in time!! A bit of a quiet week until the weekend hits. 

Thursday – Manchester, Club Academy

If I’m here on Thursday then you know I’ll be the evenings designated driver. An evening of Finnish folk metal delivered by joint headliners Korpiklaani and Moonsorrow. 

Friday – Bristol, Bierkeller

Who’s ridiculous idea was it to drive 133 miles south on a Friday afternoon in search of death metal? Mine probably. As it stands, at 2am Sunday morning it will take 2 hours and 12 minutes to drive there. I wonder what that will increase to at 4pm Friday? My first gig in Bristol since 1997. 

Saturday – Manchester, Victoria Warehouse

A late addition to the diary. Originally it was scheduled to be held at the same place where Hammerfest is sited at Pwllheli, but recently got moved to Manchester. I only know Rocket From The Crypt from the Saturday line up, so a 50 minute drive is preferable over 150 minutes.