I Am Immortal

Carrying on with the international thrash feast today we’re gonna fly down to Sydney to enjoy a bit of sun to give us some respite from Britain’s dreary grey and wet winter. Say “G’Day” to defunct Antipodean thrashers Mortal Sin. 

There’s nothing scientific with this statement, but they’re probably the country’s best and most popular thrash metal band. They’ve shared the stage with Metallica, Anthrax, Kreator and Overkill amongst others on home soil. Undertaken numerous tours in mainland Europe over the years and played the huge Wacken festival and even had legendary metal producer Randy Burns behind the desk for the bands second release Face of Despair. 

Not long after they released the superb Psychology of Death album in 2011 and participated in the Thrash Fest Classics tour they imploded as a band and called it quits for a fourth and final time. 

Mortal Sin are a band I’ve liked since I read about them in Metal Forces magazine and brought the aforementioned Face of Despair album on cassette tape! They’ve only played a handful of UK dates and as far as I’m aware they were back in 1990 supporting an up and coming Faith No More, and a London show with Xentrix. 

Luckily though I had the chance to see the band live at the Markethalle in Hamburg during the Thrash Fest jaunt. If the mountain isn’t coming to me then I’ll go to the mountain!

In 2010 I ventured to Berlin for the first instalment (Kreator, Exodus, Death Angel and Suicidal Angels) and had a blast. When the following years edition was being assembled and announced a 90 minute flight to Germany was a no brainier. Exodus again, Destruction and Heathen were all good enough, then there was addition of headliners Sepulture and all with the stipulation of all the bands playing only songs from their early and classic back catalogue. The final band confirmed were the openers Mortal Sin. I had to go. 

Leaving a snowy, cold Birmingham airport behind me I arrived in a cold but rather sunny Hamburg. I undertook a bit of the touristy thing, visited the cities Hard Rock Cafe and had a stroll through the St. Pauli area where the infamous Reeperbahn is situated. Then back to the hotel for the early start of the gig. 

The Markethalle is in spitting distance of my hotel and the train station, so it didn’t take long to stroll there. I was outside before doors opened, mingling with fellow German thrashers. Once inside I loaded up on a bit of merch and took my place inside the fabulous venue ready for the Sinners. A short six song set (and the only band to stray from the classics brief) to a relatively sparse crowd, but it was well worth the anticipation and trouble. Heathen, Destruction and Exodus who followed were all superb. It was getting late by the time Sepultura emerged and I was going to call it a night after a few songs, but their Arise heavy set blew the roof off the venue and I was there to the bitter end.  


I’m thinking this live recording of I Am Immortal is taken from the bands Face of Mayhem – Live VHS video (VHS and cassette tapes mentioned in the same post!). I have it upstairs, gathering dust and unable to play it, I need to look into a DVD version (if it exists) or a conversion some time.