Yesterday should have been my last day at work for eight days and during the upcoming week I had a plethora of gigs to pick from and an abundance of time. But as what seems to be the norm lately at work due to resignations, holidays, sickness and injury I’m now working three of my eight days. C’est la vie! 

One band I was hoping to catch was yet another from the proud nation of Canada. When the Suicidal Angels tour was announced I was pleased to see at least one UK date on there and Crisix and Mortillery supporting. I was less than pleased to see Mortillery were only doing the last portion of the trek. 

Checking my iPhone calendar it was good to see I’m actually off work for the final seven shows and I’d be able to make one of them. How wrong could I have been? Leipzig in Germany was an option but we already had tickets for the Battle of the Bays tour in Birmingham. The most straight forward trip was Berlin but with that being on Sunday I’d needed Monday off – please see the above regarding holidays, illness and resignations! 

I would have been quite partial to a flying visit to Warsaw, Kraków, Prague, Vienna or Zurich, but in an ideal world I needed to have been there and back inside of 24 hours and from an airport close to home – I have five to choose from. Yet again no such luck. Early morning flights leaving at the crack of dawn from airports with a three hour drive were a no go. From the few that went from central England there was no return flight the next day. I looked at different airport combinations or flying to a near by city and jump on a train. Nothing worked in. I think my hand was dealt and I wasn’t off to Europe to catch these Canadians for a second time. 

I got to see the band opening up for Sepultura in Munich back in 2014 – a gig that has been mentioned on numerous occasions throughout this blog. In a nutshell I was mainly there for Flotsam & Jetsam who I’d never seen at that point (I’ve since seen them a further four times). Mortillery were second on after Exarsis and really left a mark. Absolutely stunning stuff in such a short slot. I snagged my tour shirt and in the intervening time I’ve never noticed anyone wearing their shirt inside a UK venue. 

As a shirt hoarder I’m even more frustrated that I won’t be adding their latest shirt to my ever expanding “collection”. I’ll have to keep an eye out for any tour left overs in a few weeks time. 

Maybe they’ll reach these shores next time? Failing that their next sojourn into Europe are more accommodating to my often inflexible work schedule. In the meantime here’s nearly six minutes from their latest album Shapeshifter – another gem in the Napalm Records catalogue.