Self-destruct… The Pain Never Ends

I’ve not done a shuffle for a while so I was really pleased when Swede’s Negative Self started playing.

I discovered this band earlier this year by chance when I was trawling the worldwide web in search of new music. Even after six months with the album I’m still playing it on a regular basis from track 1 to 9, which for me is pretty unusual.

Featuring ex members of Dr. Living Dead, they pick up where Suicidal Tendencies left off after their How Will I Laugh… / Controlled By Hatred…/ Lights… era. They’ve only played a few shows to date in their native Sweden but i’d really like to catch them live sometime, fingers crossed for Hellfest or Bloodstock – you can  cross your fingers and wish!
Check out their Band Camp page for a taste of their self titled debut album.