This week ends with a double dose of thrash metal when I catch the Destruction European tour when it passes through Manchester and London. 

Opening up on this Euro trek is Brazilian all female thrash metal trio Nervosa. Following their exploits on Facebook you have to wonder if they know where their homes are when they eventually get back to São Paulo. They played Britain last year – unfortunately I missed out on seeing them in Birmingham, Liverpool and Evesham. 

Over the last two years since their first shows outside of their native Brazil they will have played close on 200 shows and covered most corners of Europe and everywhere in between – they’ve even visited the tiny Mediterranean island of Malta – along with a substantial amount of time spent in the United States and Canada, and I’m sure more to come in the not to distant future. During all that time on the road they’ve also managed to release their sophomore album Agony back in June. 

A 100% female thrash band appears to be a pretty rare thing, even a wholly female band within the metal spectrum is a rare beast in this extremely male dominated genre. There are plenty of front women in the metal community that spring to mind – Doro with Warlock, Sabina Classen and Holy Moses, Dawn Crosby who fronted Détente and Fear of God, Cara McCutchen fronts Mortillery with Miranda Wolfe on bass, and theres a whole host of others, but all backed by male musicians.

After the Runaways, Girlschool and Rock Goddess in the 70’s came bands like Vixen and L7 the following decade and the 90’s offering us bands like Kittie and Drain STH. There were a few bands with a more thrash slant to their sound – namely Ice Age from Sweden who seem to have a cult status without actually releasing an album, and Meanstreak hailing from Westchester, NY. 

There seems to be a small pool of rock bands and death metal bands, but besides Nervosa and tenuously Hysterica from Sweden, I can’t think of any other female bands playing thrash orientated metal who’ve left a mark on the record buying public. I can trawl the Internet for demo bands like Dracena another Swedish outfit, Jenner from Serbia or Poland’s Recon By Fire – who will hopefully break through in time. If there are others I would love to be proven wrong. 

I’ve got two chances to see Nervosa this week so I’m hoping to catch them at least once. I’m not sure what time they hit the Manchester stage, but in London it’s supposed to be just before 6pm as the venue swaps to a club night on Fridays and Saturdays. 

This track is from their debut album Victim Of Yourself release in 2014 by Austrian label Napalm Records.