Head Like A Hole

At some point this morning I heard a Nine Inch Nails track, so I felt the urge to share that here.

I must have been listening to Nine Inch Nails since 1989, or 1990 at the latest. I’m almost certain I got into them through a tape trader (that era’s version of illegal downloading) who randomly sent me a copy of their debut album Pretty Hate Machine and I liked it.

I know I was still at school as we as a family used to go up to town just after Christmas so my sister and I could spend our Christmas money. Inevitably my sister saved most but I spent mine like it was going out if fashion! One year I got a green long sleeved T-shirt with the NIN logo and the stylised Sin (5IN) logo on the back – and I still have it!

At the tail end of school and the first few years at college the dance music / rave thing was pretty popular on the radio – things like MARRS, Snap!, Prodigy, so you couldn’t really escape the beats and rhythms. Also in my formative years at college I was getting into Ministry, GGFH, Godflesh, Pitchshifter, KMFDM and a lot of the industrial metal stuff.

Over the intervening years I’ve cottoned on to bands here and there with the syncopated beats, industrial leanings or some dance influences – Rammstein, PVRIS or Crossfaith – and I can blame it all on NIN!