As you might have gathered I have a bit of an obsession with attending gigs, not as bad as some people I am aware of, but bad compared to a regular joe. 

As I’m in Amsterdam for a few days either side of my day trip to Eindhoven I had to have a look at who else was playing while I was in the city. Our trip fall between the two stools of Between The Buried And Me who play when I’m in Eindhoven and Bad Religion who play two days after I get home. Both are playing the Melkweg and according to the venues website Japanese band Nocturnal Bloodlust are playing on Sunday evening. 

I’ve never heard the band but with a title like that it has to be some brutal death metal band. On closer investigation with the ever faithful Spotify they are a melodic death core band. From the limited songs I’ve heard they probably owe their sound more to Trivium or Bring Me The Horizon rather than Cannibal Corpse or Obituary. The few songs I heard sound alright, nothing exactly ground breaking, but it might give me a reason to cross the Melkweg off my imaginary venue bucket list. A bit steep at nearly €30, so I’ll see how the mood takes me. 

Genesis is one of the top hits on YouTube and is here for no other reason than that. Apparently it’s taken from their 2014 release The Omnigod.