The Anticosmic Overload


German progressive and technically complex death metal band Obscura are a band I’ve not encountered all that much. I’ve seen them once supporting death metal pioneers Death, but obviously with out the late Chuck Schuldiner front and centre growling his lungs out. 

Listening to a few track on the ever handy YouTube these Bavarians could easily slot in alongside the latter day incarnation of Death, indeed their frontman has been part of the Death to All collective in the past. Obscura is also the title of Gorguts’ third album and that is also a comparison to their complex sound. 

The band are the brain child of Steffen Kummerer and he is fast approaching fifteen years with Obscura as an entity. They released their debut album Retribution in 2004 and their latest offering Akróasis (Greek for a lecture) surfaced earlier this year. 

The Anticosmic Overload was released on the bands second record Cosmogenesis in 2009.