Live Arena 2016.21

Only a day or so late with this weeks delve into the diary. I spent Sunday in a damp Munich watching Iron Maiden, Slayer and Anthrax then up ridiculously early for my flight home on Monday morning. So this week…

Tuesday – Leeds, Temple of Boom

I really want to see Power Trip, but I may or may not have transport in the evening as my car should be going into the garage. 

Thursday – Wolverhampton, The Giffard Arms

I’m not overly familiar with any of the bands playing, but I have a week off work and it finishes early enough to get the train home. 


Originally I was going to see AC/DC in London, but as soon as I was offered a refund on my tickets in the wake of the controversial vocalist issue I took it. If only the photo below was still the same I’d be there.  

Heading to Leicester for the Uprising event is a possibility, but the main draw for me was Acid Reign, then I found out they’ve only got 30 minutes on stage! 

There’s a all day punk do in Manchester happening which could be worth looking into. 

One Last Run who I missed last week have a home town Warrington show which could be interesting.  


Or the most local gig is in Leek watching Senser who I saw live for the first time 22 years ago. 



A drive to Bristol to catch some of Sunday’s festivities at the Temple Festival was on the back burner. Carcass, Grave, Arkangel, Vision of Disorder would have made drive worth it, but yesterday (under a huge black cloud) the whole thing was cancelled. Some bands are trying to organise make up shows to cut their losses, so something late might drop into place.   


Live Arena 2016.19

Well this entry could have looked like just a blank page, something I wasn’t expecting for a few more weeks once festival season kicks in properly. After a quick trawl through Facebook and Bands In Town I’ve found a couple of possibly gigs for next week.  Who knows if I’ll be at either yet.  Next week is definitely the proverbial calm before the storm!

Friday – Birmingham, Scruffy Murphy’s

Up and coming Warrington hard rockers are on a small UK tout to promote their recently released debut album Unbreakable, which I listened to yesterday and I have to say it’s very good, so check it out via Spotify.



Saturday – Manchester, Academy 2

From the up and coming to the British prog stalwarts Magnum. It’s been a long, long time since I last saw this band, October 1992 to be exact on the band’s Sleepwalking tour when they visited the Victoria Hall in Hanley.