The Great Pretender


The last time I saw PAIN (as they like it stylised) on stage was back in 2008 at the then Manchester Carling Apollo when I caught the back end of their set when they were support to Nightwish on their Dark Passion Play tour. 

The Swedes have been back a handful of times since but mainly they’ve been confined to London. They’re not a band I follow too closely but as I was supposed to be off work and trains to and from Wolverhampton are pretty easy to negotiate I might have a jaunt into the Black Country, even though I’m now due back into work at 5am the following morning. 

PAIN is the industrial metal project and hobby from the mind of Peter Tägtgren who is also the sole member of the outfit, it’s just fleshed out with hired hands for the live arena. He is probably better known as front man of death metal band Hypocrisy and producer extraordinaire at Abyss Studios which he handily owns. Abyss, much like Swedish studio Sunlight in the late 80’s, has also been involved with a veritable who’s who of post 1995 Scandinavian metal. 

Latest album Coming Home was released in September a little over five years since their last release You Only Live Twice – where you can find The Great Pretender (which isn’t a cover of the Freddie Mercury song!). The gaps between PAIN releases are a bit random, but I’m guessing he’s a busy man.