Army Of The Night


Moving up the bill we come to lycanthrope obsessed German power metal band Powerwolf. I’ll hold my hands up from the off, this style of metal doesn’t really fire my imagination. It’s not a slight on any bands, but I just find it dull and pretty repetitive after a few tracks. 

Much like Audrey Horne earlier today I’m giving the band a blast on Spotify. It’s extremely well played, but even with all the bombastic music and martial vocal delivery it’s getting dull very quickly. 

They haven’t ventured over to Britain too often in their thirteen year history. Their first exposure to the natives here was headlining the second stage at the Bloodstock Festival in 2010. I’m pretty sure I would have caught a glimpse of the corpse paint loving Germans as the only other option on the main stage was Opeth and that’s another band I just don’t get. Knowing me I probably got bored at both options and came home for the night early. That was one of my gripes with that particular festival, they had a reliance on power metal and folk metal. Watching half a dozen bands on one stage sounding very similar is very tiresome. 

 I’m sorry, but this is not for me. So between 3:45pm and 5:15pm I’ll be grabbing some food or exploring the market place before Sacred Reich hit the stage.  

If you feel inclined to do so here’s a video by Powerwolf. It’s the top hit on YouTube and it’s taken from their Blessed & Possessed album from last year and that’s about all I know about them.