Heavy Metal Month Listening Challenge 24/31

Day 24 – A cover tune. 

Prong – Doomsday

Again another hard choice because there are so many fantastic cover versions within the heavy metal genre. I could have picked a cover tune from virtually every one of the 30 bands I’ve featured. 

I’ve got to miss out Metallica paying homage to Misfits, Queen, Bob Seger, Discharge and the Anti-Nowhere League. Anthrax covering Joe Jackson, Thin Lizzzy, AC/DC or Trust. Slayer and Steppenwolf. Laaz Rockit thrashing up the Dead Kennedy’s. Nightwish turning Gary Moore symphonic. Queensryche covering  Dalbello (which for a long time I didn’t realise was a cover). W.A.S.P. paying tribute to Deep Purple or The Who. The list is endless.  

If I haven’t changed my mind in the next few days I’ve gone for Prong so I can sneak local legends Discharge onto this list. And it’s a mighty fine rendition of the song that graced the B side of Discharge’s State Violence State Control 7″ from 1983. It was originally on the release as Dooms’ Day, but over time changed to Doomsday. 


Beg To Differ

It took me 24 years after I first heard the band, until 2014, to finally see Prong live. By next weekend, and just like buses, I’ll possibly have seen them four times since last October. 

The third of the four is a nailed on certainty where their fifty minute set is sandwiched in between Toxik and Entombed A.D. Fifty minutes isn’t a million miles away from a full set, but hopefully short enough to cram in underground hit after hit. 

With a huge slice of luck (and grovelling) the fourth instalment arrived as early as next Friday where they play Manchester as part of their European tour in support of their latest album Zero Days. It will surprisingly be my first experience of the full headlining tour de force. It’s a shame it’s at the Rebellion venue, but with the rumoured and imminent closure of Sound Control next year I’ll have to get used to it. If I get there early enough I’ve now been enough times to recce the place and find an optimal vantage point. 

My attendance involves sweet talking my wife as it is a significant birthday for her on that day. In the last nineteen years me attending a show on her birthday has intentionally become common place. 

If the energy transmitted from the stage in their condensed set is repeated from when they supported Exodus and Obituary last year is anything to go by then these New York boys will no doubt be a highlight at the Dynamo Metal Festival. 

Beg to Differ is taken from the bands second album of the same name released in 1990. 

Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck 


Prong were formed in the New York City area in 1986 by two employees from the famous CBGB’s club – sound guy Tommy Victor and doorman Mike Kirkland. Originally more of a hardcore band they eventually evolved into a much more industrial metal outfit. Three decades and a hiatus later Victor is the only remaining member and has shared the stage and studio with a plethora of musicians. 

I got into the band at the start of the 90’s when Force Fed and Beg to Differ were both college lunch times, second hand purchases from Lotus records. I stuck with the band until 1994’s Cleansing and I didn’t really listen to much else by them until the release of their covers album Songs From the Blackhole and latest studio release X from 2015 and 2016 respectively. 

For a band I’ve liked on and off for so long I’ve only seen them live once when they were on the main stage at Bloodstock 2014. Surprisingly this appears to be Prong’s only appearance at a UK festival. If they have performed elsewhere I have no recollections of it. I have no idea either how I’ve managed to miss them so may times over the years, but that tally gets improved upon this weekend. 

Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck is taken from the bands 1994 album Cleaning – their most successful release, if only on a modest scale. 

Prong are a great addition to this tour and will give a bit of calm before the storm brought hence by the brutality of Exodus and Obituary.