My House

The original gig that I should have been attending last night was the PVRIS (pronounced Paris) gig in Birmingham as they brought their first headlining UK tour to an end. Most of the eight dates sold out instantly and many were upgraded to bigger venues which also sold out really quickly.

PVRIS are a guitar driven electro pop band from the state of Massachusetts that has been embraced or just pigeon holed into the pop punk or metal core shelf in the record store. I’d hazard a guess as that’s due to them being included on tours and festivals that are predominantly within those sub genres.

I’m not adverse to discovering and listening to new music, but generally for me it tends to come with a thrash metal tag or from friends recommendations, very rarely through magazines. A fair few music journos, who admittedly are much younger than I, kept banging on about this band called Paris on social media and at the time Team Rock Radio. A few tracks were played here and there. When the “new single” My House was aired  I really liked it as its so catchy. It might be an odd thing for me to like, but I see it as a watered down version of some of the more electronic industrial stuff I listen to.

Shortly after they were playing early on the main stage at the Slam Dunk Midlands festival in Wolverhampton, so I made the decision to head there early. The Civic Hall was absolutely rammed to full capacity for the second band on stage and the place went mental for half an hour.

I also got to see them early in the day at the Leeds festival last year as they were playing the Lock Up stage on Metallica day. Once again the tent was bursting at the seams.

I’m pretty gutted I didn’t see them last night, but when you’ve waited for nearly 30 years to see a band, and balancing it out, I think I’ll get more opportunities to see PVRIS again. I don’t think I’ll see them in venues as small as this tour again or for as little as £12. And they will definitely be higher up on the bigger festival stages as this band can be huge with time.

As I had the ticket to try and off load, which using Facebook was yet again unsuccessful, I signed up to the PVRIS CVLT page for some added exposure. The biggest majority of people who appeared to be attending their shows and generally being obsessive about the band are teenage girls. The whole online cult or fandom surrounding a band is something I’ve never needed to involve myself in and until the last few weeks seen this close up.

I’m sure it’s happened over the years with bands under the rock umbrella with the likes of My Chemical Romance, and for sure in the more mainstream pop world with Busted, McFly, Take That et al, but the PVRIS phenomenon looks like they’ve tapped into an often overlooked fan base, willing to spend a lot of money on records, tickets, merchandise at concerts and what some seem to see as the evil meet and greet. As someone from the “older” generation it’s good to see kids being brought into their own bands as it keeps the whole scene going and eventually they might delve back in time and discover the gems that I once did.

My House is from the debut full length album White Noise and will be the first song listed in their set list for years to come.


Live Arena 9

Well this weekends superb Nightwish extravaganza brought 2015’s gig diary to a close and now I’m looking forward to 2016.

So far plenty of bands to look forward to seeing over the forthcoming twelve months including a trip to Canada in April and a few continental European visits potentially. But first Christmas and New Year shenanigans to endure!

A few of next years shows I’ll be catching.