Beautiful Bomb

The HRH United event will see me, hopefully, catching quite a few bands I haven’t seen before and some I wouldn’t necessarily part myself from my cash for.  At the end of the day, to me,  seeing bands you wouldn’t normally see or those bands that don’t tour very often is the beauty of festivals.  But on the other hand the gigantic festivals are pretty off putting for me now due to the time taken to traverse the site, often though the mud.

Once the  day splits and set times are announced there is great fun to be taken in working out who you want to see, then figuring out what time said bands are on and prioritising who to view and who will slide back under the radar as they clash time wise. Then ultimate disappointment when it all goes against the meticulously worked out planner, mainly due to alcoholic lethargy.

Last weekends jaunt to Holland was great as the majority of the bands were on two stages housed under the same roof. This coming weekend could be a bit more tricky as there is a bit of a distance between the two main arenas. For an open air event Bloodstock is usually pretty easy to navigate between it’s two main stages, but when you get to the realms of the Download festival with 90,000 people milling around it’s five different stages then your planning gets left in the bin.

Taking in the lighter side of proceedings at some point after Acid Reign have played on Friday I have a choice between the voice of Rainbow, Joe Lynn Turner, or Scandinavian sleaze rockers Reckless Love.

Originally a Guns ‘N’ Roses tribute act called Reckless Life, these Finn’s announced their arrival of their Los Angeles styled sleaze rock with the track Beautiful Bomb taken form their 2010 self titled debut album.

Six years and four albums later I will probably get a chance to see them.  They aren’t a band I’ve listened to a great deal, so thanks again to Spotify I gave their newest album, InVader, which was released last Friday a listen whilst I was doing the dishes this morning.  It definitely wasn’t what I was expecting.  It still had that LA Cathouse swagger in places, but the Synth pop  and pop rock stuff didn’t sit well.

It might be a case of watching the start or Reckless Love, stroll (if strolling is still possible at midnight Friday) over to the main stage with a jack Daniels in hand and watch the end of the Joe Lynn Turner set. But as I said earlier, all the best plans go awry by that time of night.