Party Food

Ten days since I was last here, I’m just getting too lazy to do anything at times! The significant other is out this evening, so let’s try and bang a few quick posts out while I “baby sit” Ozzie. 

The previously mentioned Warwound gig was yet another bust, but I did end up in Manchester on the Saturday for an (almost) all dayer at the Rebellion Rock Bar. A sunny Saturday afternoon was spent in darkness with a menu of thrash metal, death metal and power violence being dished out. Ten bands – if you were there from 2pm – all for a fiver.

I managed to see five and a bit of the ten band, due to working in the morning I couldn’t really get there any earlier and missed the first two, plus Leeds thrashers Redeye Revival were the first band I wanted to catch. 

Prior to that Saturday nearly two weeks ago now, I’d only seen two of the bands previously. It was my third time in four Saturdays seeing Horsebastard, now I’m recovering from a dose equestrian blastcore overdose. The bit of the sixth band was the sludge of PIST, where we decided to exit the venue for food, and I’d previously seen the band at Hard Rock Hell United back in 2015. 

A “pleasant” surprise on the day came from Mancunian band Wolfbastard. Just judging the book by its cover I was expecting a crusty D-Beat band, what I wasn’t expecting was the black metal infused punk being performed before me. With song titles like Fat Romanian Punchbag and Sick in the Bath, their tongues seem to be firmly in their collective cheeks.  The most unlikely looking black metal too. 

Gets Worse from Leeds and Edinburgh’s Endless Swarm brought more relentless power violence to proceedings. I’ve been seeing more shows recently that can be pigeon holed in the power violence, grind or fast hardcore scene and I’ve enjoyed them much more than I was expecting. The vibe of the shows has been like the early days of my hardcore phase. A very DIY ethic and a lot of fun. Let’s hope the cliques and testosterone doesn’t swallow it up. 

The last band of the day for me was Foetal Juice, not the greatest band name out there, but for a death metal band trying to shock with ditties about death and gore it does what it states on the tin.  Having said that, I quite enjoyed them. 

The logo on the flyer you can’t read is from local death / slam band Crepitation. I had the chance to get the last train back to the shire, so I took the opportunity of not having to drive an inch and took it. It was handy getting off the train at the bottom of the street, but not so good being stuck on the train in Macclesfield for nearly an hour while the transport police intervened on some drunken shenanigans in the adjacent carriage. 

With their brand of party thrash (think Anthrax circa I’m the Man or more up to date Insanity Alert or Municipal Waste) I’d been waiting a while to finally see this bunch of Yorkshire puddings (© Wolfbastard) and I wasn’t disappointed. Very raw but with heaps of youthful exuberance, they could be a leading light in the UK thrash scene if they get the breaks. Check out their back catalogue for free via their BandCamp page.

Party Food, with a cobbled together video, is taken from the most recent EP Raise Hell, No Regrets. Keep an eye open for the name Redeye Revival.