Stem The Slide

My wife decorated a box with gig tickets for me to store my other gig tickets in for Christmas. A great idea (shame about a few of the tickets glued on the outside of the box though) and as per usual when I see a pile of these variously coloured pieces of rectangular paper I always seem to reminisce.

I started writing this at my parents house where we usual end up on Boxing Day – or on alternate years my sisters house. Yesterday I found the ticket below from twenty years ago!

As I’m the only driver in the family I end up driving people around. When my grandad came over on Boxing Day I’d be the one to pick him up and take him home so he could face a few whiskies whilst he was here.

For three or four consecutive Boxing Days I’d go to the Wheatsheaf in Stoke on my way home where a few local bands would play on the evening of the 26th. They were always well attended by a gaggle of friends and they always used to be a real laugh. Nothing too serious, just a bunch of people watching some often worse for wear bands play.

I often see gigs in inaccessible towns and cities advertised for tonight and often wish I could break the Christmas cycle and watch a band play. I realise how much I miss the Boxing night gigs.

Reverse, a “power pop punk” group, should have been bigger than they were which eventually should have lead to some success between 1990 and 1997. They nearly signed to Mushroom Records – one time home to Muse, Garbage and The Wildhearts – before the label was involved in a takeover by Rupert Murdoch.