One of the shows I was hoping to catch on my week off was the Obscura and Revocation package playing a pair of UK shows, with Sheffield on Monday night being the slightly more convenient of the two. 

Boston’s Revocation are a band I’ve witnessed twice. Last time was at the Damnation Festival in Leeds when they were part of the Cannibal Corpse tour in 2014 that took in the festival. The Floridan headliners played the second stage on the day and the room was a heaving sweat box that unless you were in there early enough you had no chance of viewing Corpsegrinder’s phenomenal head banging prowess. A proper faux pas by the organisers. 

The first time I saw them was on the Black Dahlia Murder tour in 2013 when they played the Band on the Wall venue in Manchester, a place more locally renowned for jazz bands, but due to a fire at the original venue Moho it was relocated here. 

If technical melodic death metal is your thing with chunks of the speed of thrash metal thrown in is up your alley then hunting down the Revocation back catalogue is something you need to do. I’d recommend starting with what is currently their penultimate album Deathless – mainly because I’ve not listened to this years album Great Is Our Sin yet.