This evening I’m off to Birmingham to catch Sacred Reich on their current tour of the British Isles and Europe. It will be my fourth time seeing the band. I caught them twice last year at festivals in France and Holland. Prior to that my first experience of the band was in London 2012, so it’s been five years since their last incursion on British soil and a staggering 26 years since their last visit to Birmingham. 

Since their American Way tour back in 1991 Phil Rind has dragged his cohorts to these shores half a dozen times, but from the shows since ’91 they’ve only ventured outside of the capital twice to play Glasgow and Nottingham. When this European run was announced it was a surprise to see five British and Irish shows, so a rare chance to see the Arizonans outside of London. 

I think age and senility is rapidly catching up with me though. Looking back on previous Sacred Reich posts I was adamant that I’d featured the band twice already. I can only find a solitary post that was published shortly after last years Hellfest trip. In the previous post I even stated The American Way would be the first of two quick appearances for the band and I was sure I’d already scribbled about Independent. Unless I completely forgot to write it or post it or mistakenly deleted it there’s nothing else amongst these 435 pieces of ramblings. You watch it mysteriously appear moments after this has been published.  

My intention was to link the video to Independent to these words as it’s probably my favourite track of theirs, but as it’s the pearl anniversary of Ignorance I thought it’d be more appropriate to stick with the anniversary celebrations. I’ve not seen any set lists yet so I don’t know if it’s heavily in favour of the debut album or just a romp through their classic thrash tunes. 

In this money orientated world its refreshing to see bands not taking their fans for granted and making access to them only available to the richest percentage of their fan base. Prior to all club shows the whole band will be loitering around the merch stall offering autographs, selfies and handshakes to those who want them. I’m not really into that kind of thing, but I might shove a CD cover into a pocket and see what transpires later. I just know my Facebook timeline will be full of Sacred Reich “selfies” over the next week. 

I was really tempted to hop over a body of water to catch the tour again in Belfast this weekend or at the Dynamo Club the following weekend, but with Bloodstock and a few more shows on the horizon I thought one show would suffice. I know I’ll regret that come Friday morning. 


The American Way

I’ve been holding off from posting something from Phoenix’s Sacred Reich for a while as I was seeing them at Hellfest last month. As I took my unscheduled hiatus during June and the festival was in June I never got around to posting. So finally here’s some Sacred Reich.

A lot of fans aren’t overly impressed with this release, mainly due to its lack of thrash! Moving into the 90’s a lot of bands seemed to mellow out a little and change direction. This release does feel much more stripped down compared to the pummelling Ignorance released three years previously, but times were changing and it happens a lot in most musical genres. Just look at some of the UK ’82 punk bands (Discharge, The Exploited, Broken Bones) and even the New York hardcore bands (Agnostic Front) that ditched the short sharp shock sound to go along a more metal sounding route. Which more often than not didn’t work out well.

I have to say I like The American Way album and it’s follow up Independent. The first album and the EP were both more recordings that I listened to early on, but they never struck a chord with me. I can remember hearing the track Independent on a compilation CD that came with the short lived Metal CD magazine in 1992. That piqued my interest in the band again and took me on a voyage of discovery back to the 1980’s.

As I’m seeing the band again in 12 days this is kind of part one of two posts about the band.

Seeing as today is American Independence Day, The American Way seems a decent choice to celebrate with my American thrash metal brethren.

Live Arena 9

Well this weekends superb Nightwish extravaganza brought 2015’s gig diary to a close and now I’m looking forward to 2016.

So far plenty of bands to look forward to seeing over the forthcoming twelve months including a trip to Canada in April and a few continental European visits potentially. But first Christmas and New Year shenanigans to endure!

A few of next years shows I’ll be catching.