I’m back!!!

I can’t believe it’s been a month since I last posted here – and things with the blog we’re going so well!! There’s been no real reason for my absence, if anything due to a lack of gigs over the last thirty days I should have been more prolific on here.

I dodged a bullet by not attending the Download Festival earlier in the month. I was only interested in the Sunday for Iron Maiden, I’m gutted I missed them but relieved I didn’t spend six hours getting there – when it’s only an hours drive from home – then trudging through liquified mud for a day.

The following weekend was spent over in France with nine friends attending Hellfest in Clisson. Hands down this was the best festival I’ve ever attended on so many levels. It was three long days, 11am till 2am of wall to wall music over six stages. There was rain, but the actual site coped with the downpours much better than Drownload did the weekend previous. Over three days I caught the majority of sets by 41 bands. My feet weren’t happy though.


Due to festivals gigs for the rest of this month are a few and far between. Unless I find something beforehand my next gig is probably another continental visit to Holland for the Dynamo Metal Festival in Eindhoven, sandwiched in between some down time in Amsterdam for my wife’s birthday.

As today is Canada Day and I appear to have an soft spot for the world’s second largest country here’s a video from a Canadian band. Another track by Nickelback or Annihilator were on the short list. Progressive rockers Rush or Canada’s best kept secret The Tragically Hip were also under consideration. In the end I though I’d go for something a bit more noisy.

Taken from the 1987 album Forward To Termination I give you Sacrifice from Toronto. I’ve never seen the band live, and I feel I am unlikely to see them any time soon.  Forming in 1983 they split a decade later. As with so many bands of that era they reformed in 2006. In that time they have only played Europe once as far as I am aware when they were part of Germany’s Keep It True Festival XIV in 2011. Fingers crossed that the Netherlands Deathfest can drag them across the Atlantic (from sea to sea) next March.