Today in 1988 Samiam (Jason Daniel Beebout, sergie, Marty, Mark morty and Ryan Sullivan) loosely formed a group that would become a whole bunch of barely something. Let’s hear it for low expectations and exceeding our goals!!!!

26th November 2015

I saw the above posted on Facebook and Twitter earlier today by Berkeley melodic hardcore band Samiam. It’s an excuse to post a track by the band, but I don’t really need any excuse to post Capsized. This track was one of the first videos I posted on Jukebox20 years ago – if not the first one.

I managed to see the band a few times in the mid 90’s. Their show alongside Millencolin and 59 Times The Pain at the now demolished Astoria 2 and was possibly my first gig I attended in the big smoke of London. The day after that was my one and only visit, to date, to the Reading Festival.

Their last album, Trips, was released back in 2011.

Capsized is taken from their major label debut album Clumsy from 1994, their fourth overall.