Don’t Blame Me


To mark St. Andrew’s day here’s something from north of Hadrian’s wall. One of the bands in the second wave of the British punk scene, ex soldier Wattie Buchan joined The Exploited in Edinburgh back in 1979. 

Like a lot of the bands from that time they have moved away from the abrasive punk sound that they are renowned for and are now a much more thrashier, hardcore crossover kind of band. And like Discharge they also had that not much talked about metal phase. 

Pushing forty years together as a band, and a lot of them spent with his drumming brother Wullie, they have got quite a list of ex members but only managed to release nine studio albums so far. 

I’ve only seen them twice, the first time was 1997 in Birmingham around the time of the Beat the Bastards album. It was held in the now defunct Foundry venue which was a perfect size for the medium sized or up and coming bands. I’m pretty sure Stampin’ Ground played that night too. 

The second and last time was in 2013 where they shared the Ritz stage in Manchester with Discharge in what was a prelude to the North West Calling festival that has ran there for the last few years. 

Since my last encounter Wattie suffered a heart attack on stage whilst on tour with Napalm Death in Portugal. In the two years since he’s battled his way back to fitness and has started performing live again. He’s 60 now and due a retirement soon, but hopefully I’ll get to see them again.  


Fire At Will

Possible gig number two for Saturday evening is The Treatment at the Sugarmill up Hanley, duck.

I saw these guys opening up for W.A.S.P. in Manchester last year and I was suitably impressed with their take on back to basics heavy rock.

Having said that though possibly the biggest draw for me at this gig is in the shape of female trio The Amorettes who have been described as the “female Motörhead”. Formed in West Lothian, Scotland, back in 2009 they burst onto the worldwide music radar in 2015 with the release of their second album.

Another band with a massive buzz about them, but as I’ve never seen them or heard much by them I’ll hold judgement until I have. It could be a buzz created by testosterone fuelled teenagers or it could be wholly legitimate.

The follow up release to 2015’s Game On is released this summer through Off Ya Rocker Records, who are some of the people behind the Hard Rock Hell brand of festivals. They’ve played North Wales numerous times, but I’ve never been free to see them.

I think at some point on Saturday I’ll be tossing a coin to see where I end up (that’s an interesting concept on how to live your life) or I might see if I can catch a band at both venues, there’s less than two and a half miles between the two piles of bricks.

R.I.P. Jimmy Bain


R.I.P. Jimmy Bain

19 December 1947 – 24 January 2016

And once again a new day dawns with news of yet another passing in the rock community.

Born and raised in Newtonmore in the Scottish Highlands Jimmy briefly moved to Vancouver before returning to the UK.  Richie Blackmore saw Jimmy playing at the Marquee Club with his band Harlot and asked him to join his band Rainbow on bass.  He recorded Rising in 1976, but he was sacked early in 1977.

Six years later in 1983 he’d join up again with ex-Rainbow vocalist Ronnie James Dio and the band simply known as Dio, is where he’d make his mark for the next 19 years and appeared on and wrote for all the classic Dio albums.

Sometime in 1987, I Could Have Been a Dreamer was one of the first four 7″ singles I ever purchased when I was getting into my love affair with heavy metal. For those interested the other three were by W.A.S.P., Whitesnake and Ratt, and I still have them all. This song and the album it appeared on, Dream Evil, was my gateway into Dio. Unfortunately I never got to see Dio play live.

After Dio’s death in 2010 some ex members of the Dio band – including Bain – joined up as Last In Line and played songs that they had recorded from the Dio back catalogue.  I did get to see them live in 2013 at the Bloodstock Festival.

Free ‘N’ Easy

Hopefully tonight I’m hoping to go and see Scottish rockers The Almighty in Manchester (failing that next Saturday in Nottingham!)

If / when I get to see them it will be the first time that I have seen them since November 27th 1993 ( a Saturday to be exact!). They headlined at the Victoria Hall, Hanley. Supported by Irish band Kerbdog and The Wildhearts. From what I remember of it, it was a good night! So why can I remember it so exact? November 28th is my birthday and I spent most of it in A&E having my leg put into plaster!

Like I said, what I can remember seemed a good night! A half bottle of rum and too many beers later we all thought it would be “fun” to kick a garage door. We did, I fell over! When the alcohol wore off the pain kicked in and my ankle was the some what bigger than it should have been!! And as I said I spent the morning of my 20th birthday getting plastered!!! And people wonder why I stopped drinking for so long!

This track was taken from the band excellent “Soul Destruction” album. Classic tracks such as “Crucify”, “Praying To The Red Light”, “Devil’s Toy” and “Love Religion”.

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January 19th 2008


Looking back through the archives I came across this post regarding The Almighty.

I was going to post this last November as, for a long time, I’ve assumed that the show did take place around November 27th 1993. After further investigation it wasn’t! The gig actually took place on October 20th. I know I was in A&E around my birthday as I distinctly remember a nurse commenting about the significance of the date. The only thing I can think of is that may have been when I went to have the cast taken off.  The more I sit here though the more I’m starting to doubt myself.  The ticket states a Wednesday evening.  I have it in my mind that it was a Saturday as I was 100% not working the day afterwards and I made arrangements to stay at a friends house and we caught the bus to the venue.  So I’m wondering now if it was rescheduled for November? I had a ticket to see Sepultura and Paradise Lost in Liverpool that I know I didn’t attend as I was in plaster, but that was early December.  Not to worry though. The Almighty were a fantastic band and it gives me an excuse to post a track by the Celtic rockers.

I never did get to either of the two shows mentioned, and they’ve not played any shows since 2008.

This video was recorded from their set for a television broadcast when they opened up the 1992 Monsters of Rock Festival, headlined that year by  Iron Maiden when they recoded their  Live at Donington album.