Step Down

Another year, another set of friends, another musical adventure to set out on!!

The Wheatsheaf in Stoke was my home away from home for so many great gigs for nine years. Even though it’s been closed as a music venue for 15 years or so, there aren’t many venues where I’ve seen more bands!

I got to be friends with the drummer of a local band called Skate Drunks and through him and more associated friends got more heavily into all aspects of the hardcore scene. New York hardcore like the band on offer here. Emo / post hardcore like Quicksand. Pop Punk like The Offspring. All the off shoots of the hardcore punk style all lead back to one fateful evening in 1990.

One of my earliest memories of seeing a NYHC (New York Hardcore) band was at JB’s in Dudley – another defunct venue. Sick Of It All headlined over Strife and Understand. I’d never heard of Strife before that night, but I brought their debut album straight after their set!

Sick Of It All are another band that never fail to entertain live. Great songs and always a great vibe at their gigs. Frontman Lou Koller is a cross between a cheerleader and a conductor leading the crowd on, ably assisted by his brother Pete – the founding members of the band back in 1986 in Queens, NY.

Step Down is taken from the bands third album and their first for a major label – that being East West. It was a much more polished offering compared to its predecessor Just Look Around.