Fallen Into Disuse

Safely ensconced at home after a challenging day at work thanks to storm Doris that has been battering much of the British Isles today. Driving a high sided vehicle does tend to be a bit unnerving at times, but the only downed trees I saw had already toppled before I arrived on the scene. 

Assuming the weather reports are accurate and the winds have subsided by Friday then tomorrow night I should be hopping on a train and heading up to Manchester and grabbing a couple of beers before an evening of intense grindcore. 

Singaporean band Wormrot are on a brief European jaunt and Friday is one of three U.K. dates. They’ve played here over a dozen times in their decade long career but it will be my first time seeing them live. It’s an early finish – all done and dusted by 10pm in theory – which works well as I’m in work within eight hours after they step off the stage on Saturday morning. It’s also another new venue for me to visit, The Soup Kitchen, so I’m not sure what I’m expecting the place to be like apart from minuscule. 

I’ve not had time to digest the latest album Voices since it came out towards the end of last year, but with an impressive twenty tracks in a little under twenty six minutes it won’t take me all that long and it’s not as if I’ll need to learn the lyrics by rote! Compared to the previous release Dirge (twenty five incomprehensible blasts of noise in under eighteen minutes) the latest release is almost their magnum opus. 

Their allocated stage time is forty minutes and I’m not going to even attempt to count how many songs they’ll play in that time. One thing for sure though, Friday night is going to be an unrelenting and noisy night. Best not forget my ear plugs. 

Fallen Into Disuse has an official video of sorts and is taken from the newest album released by grindcore pioneering label Earache – a very apt name with some of their roster too. The label that introduced record store visitors to Napalm Death, Terrorizer, Concrete Sox, Heresy and Carcass in the 80’s still have their finger on the grinding pulse.