Media’s Portrayal

It’s been a whole 120 hours since my last gig and it’s looking like another 48 hours until my next visual and aural experience. 

I’m in two minds though about heading off on the train to Liverpool on Thursday to catch the first show of the Six Brew Bantha UK tour. I’ve got some grown up stuff to do before I can consider riding the rails, but the journey is only forty minutes or so and it’ll only cost me £3 to gain entry, so even if I don’t see the main event I’ll still get to see three other bands. 

Six Brew Bantha are a three piece Grindcore band from the Canadian city of Victoria. I’ve never seen the band live, last time they graced these shores was 2014, and I’m not exactly listening to the band on heavy rotation on a daily basis, but how can you not be interested in seeing a band with the coolest name you’ll see today and the extra added bonus of a fifteen minute blast of some Horsebastard tunes?

The nine shows over here culminate with an appearance a Chimpy Fest in London Town on August 13th. As I’m getting more into the whole grind and fastcore thing in recent months I’d really have liked to have been in T. Chances over that weekend, but it’s a choice between Chimpy or Bloodstock. Even though Bloodstock has a pitiful line up for me this year they still have Kreator gracing their stage and I can’t  pass up another Teutonic Thrash masterclass. 

The 36 second Media’s Portrayal is taken from the self released and self titled “full length” album from 2012, seventeen tracks in under 25 minutes. You can check out their output via their Bandcamp page.

Leicester could be another option.