We Will Rise

Melodic death metal band Arch Enemy are main support for Nightwish on Saturday evening.

They could be classed as a bit of a supergroup with all of the associated bands within their ranks. Arch Enemy formed in Halmstad, Sweden in 1996 when Michael Amott left Carcass, and for the first four years they had a male vocalist until German Angela Gossow joined in 2000. In 2014 Gossow stepped down as vocalist and hand picked Canadian Alissa White-Gluz as front woman.

For a band I’m not a huge fan of I’ve seen them a ridiculous amount of times, mainly due to multiple festival appearances and support slots with bands I do like. Last year alone I saw them three times as they supported Kreator throughout Europe.

My wife has actually seen the band, but I’m thinking that it is deleted from her memory palace, it was also the first time I saw the band. In February 2004 we ventured to Barcelona to catch Arch Enemy with support from Zyklon (featuring Samoth from Emperor but not to be confused with Zyklon-B who he was also a member of!) and Stampin’ Ground at Razzmatazz 2. I only went to see my friends in Stampin’ Ground and as my wife knew them it was a perfect decision to go to Catalunya – even if it was cold and wet.