In The Army Now


On the same day that I brought Welcome to the Pleasuredome with my paper round money I also brought a copy of In the Army Now by British institution and three chord wonders Status Quo. 

That was in the autumn of 1986, and in the three decades since it has been the only Quo album I have physically owned. With the popularity and relative ease of downloads I’ve picked up odd tracks here and there that I have liked, the majority of them have all been prior to this release. 

This piece of vinyl has been long lost. Once I got into that heavy metal malarkey I ended up lending it to some one and I have never seen it since. No great loss, but it’s a piece of my history that I now don’t have (cue dramatic music). 

This was their first album released after the success that was Live Aid the year before. It is their seventeenth studio release, but I can’t recall another single track from the album – even after I’ve googled the track listing. Maybe it’s something I need to go back and listen to? 

I never knew until fairly recently it was a cover of a Bolland & Bolland song who were apparently a Dutch duo originally from Port Elizabeth in South Africa who’d released the track four years earlier. I’ve never heard that original version – and don’t  really have any desire to listen to it. Talking of cover versions I enjoy the Laibach version that can be found on their NATO release. Sabaton also covered it for their 2012 album Carolus Rex release, but I’ve not heard that either.