Desert Rose

Long ago I was at my parents and my dad was (very badly) singing this while he had the cd playing. Dad and me share some taste in music (I got the taste for Tears for Fears off him) and anyway, I fell in love with this song. While I got some things off my dad, I don’t think I have a rush to go out and read Louis L’Amour just yet, so admitting to Desert Rose, I think I’m safe.

Originally posted on Jukebox20 July 29th 2007.

The wife and I originally did something like this way back in 2007 on Live Journal. Every once in a while when I do a search for something I occasionally Jukebox20 links pop up.

This morning I’ve had a scroll through, I never realised it was going for so long – nearly 18 months and over 200 posts!  My first post was by Metallica – who I haven’t got around to doing yet! and Snowy’s was the very first post on the site and it was a B-52’s song.

I think now I’ve found it again, and surprisingly all the write ups are still there I think I might revisit it every now and again, like some kind of flashback Thursday but maybe on a Sunday – I just need a catchy tag!

Anyway, Snowy, this one’s for you.  I know it means a lot to you. xxx