Bring Out Your Dead


It’s the last bank holiday weekend in the UK until the Christmas festivities are up on us (Christmas mentioned in consecutive posts and its only August!) and as it’s usually a pretty dull and damp squib of a weekend I am (or more so was) tempted to have a drive down to London to catch Strung Out at the Camden Underworld. I’m saying drive as I’ve not looked yet, but undoubtedly there will be next to no public transport running to the north of this country much after 9pm which is rather unhelpful for a gig due to finish around 11pm. 

I adore their first two albums – Another Day in Paradise and Suburban Teenage Wasteland Blues released in 1994 and 1996 respectively. I think I took a liking a bit more instantaneously to these guys over some other stuff on the Fat Wreck Chords rosta due to them incorporating a few heavy metal hooks into their primarily melodic punk sound. An added bonus for a transitioning metal head. 

The only time I’ve seen the band live are a brace shows back in January 1997 in Leeds and Birmingham with Diesel Boy – I think. I’m pretty sure they were amongst their first UK shows too. 

Three fifths of the band have been a constant since day one and they have released new music on a pretty regular basis since their formation in California’s Simi Valley back in 1989. They’ve played over here on regular intervals ever since but as I drifted away from the lighter pop punk side of things to a more brooding and heavier sub genre I’ve missed seeing them in the intervening 19 years. I was a “buying” fan up to their third album Twisted By Design and from the other five releases I think I’ve only partially listened to Blackhawks Over Los Angeles. 

As per usual the London show appears to be a one off appearance tagged on the end of their mainland European jaunt. From the online posters I’ve seen London and Norwich seem to have a date announced with free days either side. I’m hoping I don’t wake up on Tuesday morning to find out that they played Manchester or somewhere close the evening before when I do my time consuming overnight social media catch up prior to leaving for work. 

With the addition of the fur ball known as Ozymandias to the household and potentially gigs either side of Strung Out this 330 mile round trip will regrettably be put in the pipe dreams folder and unfortunately my presence around the house will be required. Family time and all that apparently. 

The most official video for this track seems to be a live version interspersed with snowboarding and stuff with a bit of a ropey sound. Instead here’s a fan made video for the song. As soon as I hear that distorted riff kicking in to start the song my hand immediately reaches for the volume control and crank it up several notches. It is such an ominous start to a song.