Moving back into the here and now with Bloodstock, here’s some rap metal from Atlanta supplied by Stuck Mojo. 

Yet another band who’ve split and reformed and their Friday slot is the first time playing over here for at least eight years. 

It feels like I’ve been listening to the band on and off for days via Spotify and YouTube trying to brush up on my Mojo knowledge. Unfortunately though nothing seems to be sinking in with me! I asked friends for recommendations and gave all received suggestions a whirl but I’m just not getting into them. 

I know I’ve seen the band – they were supporting Type O Negative with Entombed in Wolverhampton in 1997. I’m also confident in saying I have a CD of at least one album tucked away upstairs somewhere as one of their old labels, Century Media, used to be pretty forthcoming with promo discs when I did my physical fanzine. 

They just don’t seem to have a hook for me to hang my coat on. None of the suggested tracks fire my imagination and I’d rather drag out a CD by Dog Eat Dog, Shootyz Groove or even Downset who are all in a similar vein. Guitarist Rich Ward and whatever line up he has are very competent at their blend of Pantera heavy metal, a rapping vocalist and overlaid with turntable wizardry, but there’s nothing memorable for these old ears. I was expecting the “Oh, this is Stuck Mojo” revelation, but it didn’t materialise. 

I’d hazard a guess that most people attending Bloodstock, or any festival, will know songs by a high percentage of the main stage acts regardless of if they are a fan or not. There will undoubtedly be an elbow into a friends rib cage with that tell tale look of “Oh, I know this song”, I just don’t think there will be much of that happening during Stuck Mojo’s 45 minute set. 

Incase you’re interested, this track is taken from their third album and allegedly most commercially successful release. The track was used on WCW wrestling TV programming and the video features professional wrestlers Diamond Dallas Page and Raven.