In a matter of hours I’m off to see punk band SubHumAns play a show in Stoke. Not to be confused with the Canadian band of the same name that any self respecting  thrasher will have heard a song by – even if they don’t know it! You know that 1987 Overkill 12″ with the sweary title? Yeah, that’s the one. Well that song was originally released in 1979 on the bands self titled 7″. 

Anyway, I digress. The British anarcho punk band SubHumAns formed in Wiltshire back in 1980 and after releasing a bunch of EPs and albums on their own label Bluurg split half a decade later. There was a brief reunion in 1991, then something more permanent in 1998. As it stands three of the four members have been a part of the band since 1980 with the bass player being the new guy having been a part of Dick Lucas’ outfit since 1983! 

It has been mentioned before, the huge assorted pile of vinyl I borrowed from a school friend and spent the next few evenings dubbing onto TDK-90 cassettes. In amongst my introduction to all things Slayer and Kreator there was quite a bit of punk in there too. Doom, Conflict, Discharge and an album by this lot. 

I’m pretty certain it was 1983’s From the Cradle to the Grave. I listened to it as it was dubbing and for whatever reason I didn’t take to them. Once I started listening to a bit more punk and hardcore stuff post high school, and buying releases on DIY labels like Words of Warning, I gave them another go when I got a copy of Times Fly… But Aeroplanes Crash / Rats reissue CD and found them more appealing.  

This live version of Rats is taken from All Gone Live released by Cleopatra in 2005. I’m not sure if this is the visual version of the Live in a Dive album released through Fat Wreck Chords in 2004 or not. Live in a Dive was a series of seven live albums released through Fat Wreck, the only one I physically have in the house is the Sick Of It All release.  

This evening will be my first time seeing the band and as some one with no real social political leanings, it could be an hard coming evening when the politics angle comes into play, especially with everything going on in this country with the Brexit thing rearing its head again.