The Jet City – Seattle, Washington State. Also the spiritual home of Grunge (Nirvana, Pearl Jam, et al)

In 1994, out of the grunge scene iconic Seattle label Sub Pop released a magnificent slab of post hardcore / alternative rock, or Emo as some considered it to be (not what is considered to be Emo today. Emo in it’s original incarnation of emotional hardcore)

The band was Sunny Day Real Estate. The album was Diary.

During the recording of second album LP2 the band splintered and ended up splitting up shortly after. Two of the band went on to join a band with fellow Seattle resident Dave Grohl. William Goldsmith was the original drummer for the Foo Fighters and bass player Nate Mendel has been the Foo’s bass player ever since.

Sunny Day actually returned a few years later without Mendel and released another two records. Split again and reunited again with Mendel! Currently the band are inactive – pretty much split up again.

Thanks to the iPod shuffle for throwing this out. I’m now off to listen to Diary in full!!