Hooking up my iPhone to the car radio always results in my music library reverting to the first song alphabetically (which for your information happens to be A-Punk by Vampire Weekend) so technically today’s second song shuffle is Action by Def Leppard.

I’m by no means a massive Def Leppard fan. I got caught up in all of the Hysteria hysteria back in 1987. I might have a few 7″ singles by the band and I have Hysteria on CD and I used to have it on cassette tape. Besides that one album I’d be hard pressed to think if I have listened to any other album in its entirely. To me they are yet another singles band. I’ve actually seen them three times too,once at the 2003 Download Festival, which is sandwiched between two appearances at the Manchester Arena.

I actually thought that their cover of this 1975 Sweet song was pretty new for the band. I was pretty surprised when I saw it was released over two decades ago! How time flies when you’re having fun.