Nuclear Demolisher

It’s 7am on Sunday morning in the UK and it’s still, just about, Canada Day for a little longer over in British Columbia, so after yesterday’s old Canadian band, here’s something newer for you aural pleasure. When does a band stop being new? Chase Thibodeau has fronted the band since 2003, so hardly a new band. 

Hailing from Kelowana, coincidentally in British Columbia, Terrifier released their sophomore album Weapons of Thrash Destruction earlier in the year, and this post could also serve as a reminder that I need to grab myself a copy of this latest slab of thrash metal. 

This band have confused me more than just about any other band ever has. After a mooch online, probably early on a Sunday morning, I came across an album entitled Destroyers of the Faith by Canadian band Skull Hammer. I gave it a background listen and thought it was pretty decent. Spin on a little while and I come across Terrifier via Facebook and think they looked interesting from the logo alone, and got hold of their debut album, also called Destroyers of the Faith. I never made the connection until sometime later when I was on an iTunes library clean up and noticed all the similarities. I wasn’t aware that they’d changed moniker and re-released the album.  

Whether it’s me not paying enough attention but the thrash scene in Canada seems pretty quirky. Some of its bands that have gained a following outside of the countries borders, Voi-Vod, Annihilator, Sacrifice, Razor, etc, are highly renowned. But unlike some scenes there doesn’t seem to be the slew of bands gaining international recognition. If you can have a trawl around online there are some cracking bands worth listening to. 

A band like Edmonton’s Mortillery or Untimely Demise from Saskatoon, are examples of two acts I’ve heard and managed to see on stage, but until I’ve bored someone to death about them, no one else I know has been aware of them. Some of the death metal bands from the ten provinces are pretty well known worldwide, then there’s the juggernaut of Nickelback flying the radio friendly rock flag. But looking at thrash metal in recent years I’m struggling to think of what you could call a household name. No doubt I’ll have something pop into my head hours after this has gone public and look like a right ill informed wally. 

Nuclear Demolisher is taken from this years release and once I find somewhere selling it with reasonable shipping costs to the UK I’ll be adding a physical copy to the vault, and maybe another shirt for the washing pile! I really do need to implement my online documentation of the few dozen shirts I own…