Fire At Will

Possible gig number two for Saturday evening is The Treatment at the Sugarmill up Hanley, duck.

I saw these guys opening up for W.A.S.P. in Manchester last year and I was suitably impressed with their take on back to basics heavy rock.

Having said that though possibly the biggest draw for me at this gig is in the shape of female trio The Amorettes who have been described as the “female Motörhead”. Formed in West Lothian, Scotland, back in 2009 they burst onto the worldwide music radar in 2015 with the release of their second album.

Another band with a massive buzz about them, but as I’ve never seen them or heard much by them I’ll hold judgement until I have. It could be a buzz created by testosterone fuelled teenagers or it could be wholly legitimate.

The follow up release to 2015’s Game On is released this summer through Off Ya Rocker Records, who are some of the people behind the Hard Rock Hell brand of festivals. They’ve played North Wales numerous times, but I’ve never been free to see them.

I think at some point on Saturday I’ll be tossing a coin to see where I end up (that’s an interesting concept on how to live your life) or I might see if I can catch a band at both venues, there’s less than two and a half miles between the two piles of bricks.