Don’t Blame Me


To mark St. Andrew’s day here’s something from north of Hadrian’s wall. One of the bands in the second wave of the British punk scene, ex soldier Wattie Buchan joined The Exploited in Edinburgh back in 1979. 

Like a lot of the bands from that time they have moved away from the abrasive punk sound that they are renowned for and are now a much more thrashier, hardcore crossover kind of band. And like Discharge they also had that not much talked about metal phase. 

Pushing forty years together as a band, and a lot of them spent with his drumming brother Wullie, they have got quite a list of ex members but only managed to release nine studio albums so far. 

I’ve only seen them twice, the first time was 1997 in Birmingham around the time of the Beat the Bastards album. It was held in the now defunct Foundry venue which was a perfect size for the medium sized or up and coming bands. I’m pretty sure Stampin’ Ground played that night too. 

The second and last time was in 2013 where they shared the Ritz stage in Manchester with Discharge in what was a prelude to the North West Calling festival that has ran there for the last few years. 

Since my last encounter Wattie suffered a heart attack on stage whilst on tour with Napalm Death in Portugal. In the two years since he’s battled his way back to fitness and has started performing live again. He’s 60 now and due a retirement soon, but hopefully I’ll get to see them again.