Star Trekkin’


September 8th 1966 saw the crew of NCC-1701 making their first appearance on the NBC network in the United States. Originally it only ran for three seasons before fan power brought back captain James Tiberius Kirk and company back for a movie in 1979. 

In the intervening five decades we’ve had 13 different movies and a further four crews with a fifth due in 2017. I’ve never been a massive Star Trek fan, but I’ve probably watched most, if not all, of the original 79 episodes over the years – and people say some of the sets and aliens in the archetypal British TV sci-fi series Doctor Who were poor! I’m more of a fan of the second incarnation The Next Generation, mainly because it aired on UK TV when I was more aware of all things science fiction and it filled a gap when the BBC pulled the long running Doctor Who from our screens for a brief hiatus in December 1989. 

I hadn’t heard this song for such a long time until it was played on Radio 2 earlier today thanks to the golden anniversary of Star Trek. Star Trekkin’ is one of those songs that I can vividly remember where I heard it for the first time. I was sitting in my friends dad’s car waiting to get off the car park after attending an air show at Cosford RAF base. It was like car crash music, so bad you couldn’t turn it off. Then the video followed…

The Firm were a parody band who had a few comedic “hits” during the 1980’s. This single eventually hit the top of the singles chart for a pair of weeks in June 1987. Oh how us Brits like a comedy song!

Also, they are not to be confused with The Firm who were a much more serious band active for a few years in the mid 80’s consisting of Tony Franklin, Chris Slade, Paul Rodgers and Jimmy Page who might have played in such bands as Blue Murder, AC/DC, Free, Queen and Led Zeppelin – so no household names there then. 

Happy birthday to Star Trek and don’t forget – you’ll never be as old as the battered up blue police box that was tucked away in the scrap yard at 76 Trotters Lane, and you’ll never take that away from us.